Shop Your Way Rewards 101

Shop Your Way is an online shopping experience that allows users to shop, discover new products, find great deals, and get rewarded for everything they purchase!

With Shop Your Way Rewards, members earn points on items they buy, whether though Kmart, Sears, Lands End or any of their marketplace sellers, and every 1,000 points is equal to $1.  Members can then use these points towards future purchases at Kmart, Sears or Lands End. Each purchase varies in the amount of points back received and can find members spending little or nothing out of pocket! Seriously! Free stuff, just for being a member of Shop Your Way Rewards!

What’s better than free items? Well, Free shipping for those free items of course! With Shop Your Way MAX, all new Shop Your Way Rewards members receive Free 2-Day shipping on millions of items for 90 days! **

If you love to shop, discover new products, find great deals, and get rewarded for everything you want, Shop Your Way definitely has you covered.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below or head on over to

But wait, there’s more! Want to learn how to earn points just by playing free games on Shop Your Way?  Keep reading….

So, you’re all signed up with Shop Your Way (endearingly referred to as “SYW”) and you’re ready to earn points! Great! Aside from earning points through purchases, SYW members receive points by playing Sweeps and Instant Win games. There’s quite a bit that goes into Sweeps, but we’ll cover the basics for you here! 🙂

First and foremost, the quickest way to get to Sweeps is by clicking this link: . This link will take you directly to the Sweeps homepage where you can find anywhere from 10 – 35+ active Sweeps and Instant Wins.

What are Sweeps and Instant Wins on Shop Your Way?

Sweeps and Instant Wins are games that have been created for the enjoyment of SYW members. Members win points that are good towards purchases at Kmart, Sears or Lands End. The theme of these games typically range from home goods, to tools, to even baby gear and kids toys, and let’s not forget $50,000 cars!! Each game is different and just as fun as the last! For Instant Wins, you will either spin a wheel, play plink-o, scratch a scratch card, or shuffle thru a deck of cards to see if you’ve instantly won points or a prize. For a sweepstakes, you use your daily plays to earn entries into a drawing that is completed at the end of the game cycle.

Each Sweep or Instant Win has different rules, points payouts or prizes, and end dates. Each game has eligibility requirements determined by the sponsor of that particular sweep, and as such not everyone will be eligible to play every game. We always recommend reading the Official Rules for each Sweep, as they vary per game. It is highly suggestable that you save at least 1 of your “additional entries” in case that particular game becomes a “door buster” before it’s end date!

What is an additional entry?

Additional entries are extra plays that a member can earn by doing various activities, such as sharing to Facebook or Twitter, answering a poll question, watching a video, entering a code, etc. The details of the game will tell you whether it is a “daily play” – which means a member can play once daily until the game ends. (Game plays reset at 1 AM EST) The additional entries are IN ADDITION TO these daily entries and should be used AFTER your daily entry is complete. However, like I suggested above, you should hang on to at least 1 play in case the Sweep becomes a doorbuster.


What is a doorbuster?

A doorbuster is an extra little treat that is offered randomly throughout the duration of some of the sweeps. There is no rhyme or reason as to when they appear, and they won’t always show for everyone at the same time. When a game goes into a doorbuster, the banner in the top left corner of the game image will turn Pink and flash “DOORBUSTER” as depicted below.


Each doorbuster awards a different amount, usually either $1, $3 or $5. You do not have to win during the game play to receive a doorbuster! It is important to note though, that even if you get in during a pink banner, an awarded doorbuster prize is not guaranteed. There are a limited number of doorbuster prizes available, and once they are gone the sign disappears. IF your doorbuster banner doesn’t disappear after your 1st play, DO NOT play again. You can only receive 1 doorbuster prize per pink banner.

How Do I know what/if I won?

Awesome question! 🙂 If you win during an Instant Win game, it will tell you directly on the screen whether you won points or a prize. Missed the prize notification on screen? No problem! SYW sends you a confirmation email to the email address you used to sign up! 🙂 If you won a large amount or a prize, you will have to fill out the necessary forms to claim this prize. No worries though the Sweeps department will get that out in an email to you!

What are these points I’m playing for?

Points are awarded by either playing Sweeps or by making purchases thru Kmart, Sears, Lands End or SYW. Points won on Sweeps or Instant Win Games are usually only good for 14 days. However, if you have won a large amount – usually the grand prize – those points are valid for 365 days! Items sold by Kmart, Sears and Lands End can be purchased by redeeming your points!

Where can I get my hands on more plays?

Funny you should ask! Win It is going to be your new go-to app! Win It is an app for iOS and Android mobile users where members spin 10 times daily for their chance to win points or a prize of their choosing! As is suggested with Sweeps, it’s always best to make sure that you’re staying up to date on the official rules for Win It. Screenshot (16)

Ready to Spin to Win? Download the Win It app here:

Where can I find the most up to date information on Sweeps and Win It?

Great question! Sweeps and Win It are now on Facebook! With Win Club you can win, save and earn more with inside info and secret Sweeps! Joining Win Club on Facebook, isn’t the same as joining any old group – you’re being welcomed into a community of Sweepers near and far!  Win Club is a place to revel in your wins, whether they be large or small and share them with thousands of other members just like you! Come check us out here: I can guarantee, you’ll find everything you need right here in Win Club!

So, now that you’ve started down the path to Sweeps and Win It, I wish you all Happy Sweeping and Big Wins! Head over to the “Your Personal Shopper” tab to find out how to put those hard earned points to good use!

*Image credit: Brought to you by Sweeps by Shop Your Way.


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    1. Hey Andrea! 🙂 You can actually shop online and get a 90 day trial of free 2 day shipping with SYW MAX! 🙂 You can also shop thru SYW with one of their partner brands and earn points! Feel free to email me anytime for more information. 🙂 It truly is an amazing program.


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