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Win It App now has Doorbusters?!

Have YOU heard? The Win It app now has Doorbusters?!

Today is the first of hopefully many more to come! The first 50,000 people to play the “Bonus Game” on the Win It App receive $1 Doorbuster!

Screenshot (337)

When you open your Win It App, your “Products to <3” tab will be replaced with a “Bonus Game” tab. Click on that tab and play your bonus game! 🙂 There will be no pink Doorbuster banner for this game, but it is still a DB. Even if you lose on the spin, you’ll still get your $1 DB! How exciting is that?!

Our Team has posted all the necessary information on this amazing bonus on our Personal Shopper Extraordinaire Team Page .

If we reach 50,000 players, the Sweeps team will release ANOTHER Doorbuster for everyone!!

Tell all your family and friends to get in on this awesome new play while it lasts! 🙂




** Members do not have to select me as their FREE Personal Shopper to access this awesome new bonus game!


Sweeps and Additional Entries

To enter any sweeps for the first time, you’ll simply hit the orange “Get Started Now” button.

get started now

Sounds easy enough, right? But wait, there’s more!  Oftentimes, you’ll need to answer a quick poll question, others you’ll be prompted to select the prize(s) you want if you happen to be the lucky grand prize winner.  Simply follow the on-screen instructions and prompts.  Sometimes there’s an additional task to complete, such as to “like” or “want” a product or “follow a page.”  If you’re unsure what to do, hovering your mouse over text often provides some additional information as to how to complete the task.  If you’re still confused, you can certainly always ask me!

Some games allow you to enter daily, while others allow for only one initial entry.  It completely depends on the rules of that game.  We’ll chat more about this at a later date. 😉

However, almost all sweeps allow for additional, optional entries.  These are “unlocked” once you complete your initial entry.  These additional entries are an extra chance to win, above and beyond your initial entry.  By far the most common ways to earn additional entries include sharing to Facebook and Twitter – you get one additional entry for a Facebook share and one additional entry for a Twitter share throughout the duration of the game.   You can absolutely share them extra times, but you only get an entry into the sweep the first time you share.

additional entries

Another very common way to earn additional entries is to enter codes.  You get one entry for each code, and each code can only be used once per game.  The number of codes available for each game varies.  Most have at least one, and some have had over 200.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to worry about looking for hundreds of codes for every game! Games with that many codes are rare and long-running.  For the vast majority of games, you’ll only be looking for between 1 and 5 codes.

You can find codes in a variety of places.  Commonly, they’ll be sent to you in an email after you complete your initial entry, you just have to click on the “enter code” button and it will launch the correct game and even pre-fill the code for you… all you have to do is hit the “GO” button.  You can also join Win Club on Facebook; codes are often released there. Codes are NOT case sensitive, but if you’re copying and pasting make sure you don’t grab an extra space before the code – if you do it will come up as invalid.


Some other additional entry tasks you’ll come across pretty frequently are:


Select a product and click on the corresponding icon at the top of its photo

like have want



follow brand

These are all similar.  There will be a black square with an arrow next to the task.

Clicking on that icon will launch the proper Shop Your Way page.  Next to the page title there will be a blue follow button – simply click on that to complete the task.  However, if you’ve already followed that page you’ll need to unfollow it and then re-follow to get credit for your entry (if you’ve been doing this awhile you’ll find the same pages come up periodically).

desk lamps



Simply click on the task and a video will play.  Watch it to completion but DON’T click the X at the top when it’s finished!  Wait for the orange “CONTINUE” button to appear at the bottom right of the popup window and click that to complete your entry.  If you accidentally close it using the X, you’ll need to re-watch it. Full disclosure? It may have taken some of us a number of tries to figure this out, but luckily you have me and I’ll save you from that embarrassment! 😉



Occasionally some sweeps will have you answer some additional poll questions for additional entries.  Just click on the task and follow the prompts.



This one people run into problems with frequently.  Finding where to do it is the hard part, because there’s nothing intuitive about it!  You need to click into a product and scroll ALL the way down to the bottom (past the question and answer guy).  There you’ll come across that product’s tags, and also the ability to add your own.  Further adding to the confusion, as of now this can’t be done from the SYW app.



This one is rare.  Click on the task, click continue, and it will launch the proper page.  Click on the “Recent Activity” tab and there will be a place for you to “Share something new.”  The box starts out looking like this…


…but once you click into it, more options appear.

more options

Type a little something in that box and hit the “share” button to complete this task.


Once you satisfactorily complete a task, a little green check will appear in the sweep.  The text also grays out a bit.

grey text

If you completed the task and the check mark doesn’t appear you may need to try refreshing the game.  You can do this by clicking on the orange refresh icon next to the completion bar. If you have completed the task, but have not yet played your additional entry, a yellow “gift box” icon will appear. Simply click the yellow box and the game will load. 🙂


Again, these are additional entries.  Each activity you complete is its own entry – you DO NOT need to complete all of them to be eligible to win a prize.  So, if you don’t want to share to social media or if you miss a code, you don’t need to worry, you get one entry for each share you did complete or for each code you entered!  Now, sometimes once you complete all the available entries it will no longer show up in your featured sweeps.  In that case, venture on over to your “my sweeps” tab and it will be there until the game runs its course.

*It is highly recommended that members save AT LEAST 1 additional entry in the event that the game becomes a “Doorbuster” later on. We briefly cover Doorbusters in Shop Your Way Rewards 101  🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.  Happy sweeping, Good Luck, and Win Big!


**Author Credit: Kimberly Sorenson

Instant Win Games


Below is the most up to date list of current Instant Win games on Shop Your Way, with their respective links and codes for additional entries.

If you are not familiar with how Sweeps works, please go check out our “Shop Your Way Rewards 101” tab for more information 🙂

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