Win It App now has Doorbusters?!

Have YOU heard? The Win It app now has Doorbusters?!

Today is the first of hopefully many more to come! The first 50,000 people to play the “Bonus Game” on the Win It App receive $1 Doorbuster!

Screenshot (337)

When you open your Win It App, your “Products to <3” tab will be replaced with a “Bonus Game” tab. Click on that tab and play your bonus game! 🙂 There will be no pink Doorbuster banner for this game, but it is still a DB. Even if you lose on the spin, you’ll still get your $1 DB! How exciting is that?!

Our Team has posted all the necessary information on this amazing bonus on our Personal Shopper Extraordinaire Team Page .

If we reach 50,000 players, the Sweeps team will release ANOTHER Doorbuster for everyone!!

Tell all your family and friends to get in on this awesome new play while it lasts! 🙂




** Members do not have to select me as their FREE Personal Shopper to access this awesome new bonus game!


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